RF Amplifiers for scientific and industrial systems

Tomco Technologies today supplies RF amplifier systems to scientific and industrial customers worldwide for a broad range of applications including nuclear magnetic resonance, particle accelerator systems, radar, ultrasonics, plasma applications and HF communications. We offer design and manufacture of RF amplifiers based on current solid-state devices and technologies. The Tomco RF amplifier range covers 10kHz-1.3GHz at power levels from 50W to hundreds of kW. Our products are high performance, modular systems that are rugged and easy to use.


Our technical team, headed by specialist RF engineers, has extensive experience in the field of RF design. As an SME our engineers are always accessible and able to work closely with our customers to offer optimized solutions and strong after sales support. 


Tomco has an active R&D program ensuring that Tomco RF products offer the best performance using the most current technology.

Standard Pulsed Amplifiers

Standard CW Amplifiers

RF Amplifiers for Particle Accelerators

RF Amplifiers for Radar Systems

RF Amplifiers for NMR, MRI, EPR