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EpsilonRF are experts in the field of high power amplifier design utilising latest GaN HEMT technology. With output power levels ranging from 5W to 5 kW across the frequency range 20 MHz to 18 GHz, this type of amplifier is ideally suited to Electronic Warfare, SSR/IFF radar and cellular base station applications.


Our proprietry lightweight and space-saving technology lends itself perfectly to applications where space and weight are at a premium, such as in Man-Portable radio equipment and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). 


For customers requiring a compact design involving a high degree of integration between the power amplifier and other system elements, EpsilonRF will work closely with you to achieve this. Output T/R switching, filtering are all easily incorporated into our amplifiers.and VSWR monitoring


All of our amplifier products and designs are ITAR-free.




The SFF Power Amplifier Module product range has been specifically engineered to address the ever-increasing demand for improved Size, Weight and Power, Performance, Cooling and Cost (SWaP2-C2) across the aerospace and defence industries. Measuring just 180 x 90 x 16 mm and offering unrivalled performance, these amplifiers are 50% the height and volume compared with competing models. An innovative and contemporary connector system replaces the 'traditional' D-Sub and flanged SMA connectors, minimising wasted space around the amplifier in the host chassis and giving way to a register-based digital interface for enhanced control and monitoring.


A small FPGA at the heart of each SFF PA Module guarantees a seamless software interface and gives life to advanced features including:


  • Mute/Enable Function with Nanosecond Transition

  • Comprehensive Built-In Test, Telemetry and Protection

  • High-Resolution Power/Gain Control

  • High-Speed Flash Memory (e.g. for Calibration Look-Up Tables) 

  • Elapsed On-Timer Recorder

  • Electronically-Stored Configuration Parameters