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Werbel Microwave LLC designs and manufactures power dividers, directional couplers and other assemblies for use in communications and measurement applications. The products offered by Werbel Microwave LLC is of our own design, so they may support our projects indefinitely.



  • 1,300 square foot office near New Jersey highways 10 and 287.

  • AWR Microwave Office software for EM design and simulation.

  • Alibre solid mechanical 3D CAD software, compatible with IGES and STEP formats.

  • Vector Network Analyzer test setups to 20GHz.

  • Assembly stations fitted with hot air rework stations and 40X microscopes.

  • CNC Router

  • SMT reflow oven.

  • Laser engraver.



Werbel Microwave LLC began in 2014 with the vision to revitalize American-based manufacturing of RF-microwave components.​​

The company was started in a 200 sq. ft. garage.  In 2017, we moved to a 1,300 sq. ft. office.  As of this time, more than 6,000 units have shipped.​​

Our focus is on creating components with emphasis on precision testing and long-term reliability. 

Tuning elements are designed into our products in strategic locations.  This allows us to offer superior performance while maintaining competitive price and delivery.​​

As we grow to meet the increasing needs of our customers, we maintain our small company structure.  This allows us to quickly respond to special and urgent requests.