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We are very proud to introduce our company as one of the finest & quality oriented manufacturer & exporter of all types of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with very quick time delivery.


We are able to handle higher PCB complexity (thinner lines & smaller holes) and gear up for smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times with broader range of materials and finishes.


We are the specialist in manufacturing RF PCBs using a variety of Low Loss/High-Performance laminates especially from Rogers, Nelco, Taconic and including Rogers RT Duroid Series (5000 & 6000) and similar materials.

We are the only approved PCB Supplier for India’s foremost Space Agency - ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) for their RT Duroid PCBs which go into their Satellite Communication Systems.


Our capability to build RF Microwave PCBs is also with a special surface finish - Electrolytic Bondable Gold Direct on Copper and the gold thickness is of 1 to 4 microns and without Nickel ensuring the lowest signal losses and highest signal performance as the skin depth is optimized and as Nickel is absent there are no signal losses and further it also gives excellent gold wire bondability. These PCBs go into all High-End Applications where Signal performance and reliability are key (like Onboard Satellite Communication Systems.)

Our Core Capability:

PCB space qualified


High Frequency & Microwave PCB:

These are PCBs using various Rogers materials including RT / Duroid and also having special surface finish Electrolytic Direct Gold on Copper (Gold thickness of 1 micron to 4 micron) for Satellite Communication Systems.


  • Time and cost savings through reduced design and work preparation workload       

  • Yield optimization on both sides

  • Clear and unambiguous communication

  • Stable transition from prototype to series production

High Copper Board PCB:

The typical high copper thickness achievable is at 210 microns. Upon request & with very special process & material we can go upto 350 micron with varying copper thickness for each layer.


  • Increased endurance to thermal strains.

  • Increased current carrying capacity.

  • Increased mechanical strength at connector sites and in PTH holes.

Multi-Layer PCB:

Complex High-count Multi-Layer Boards with fine pitch SMDs on both sides. 


  • Higher assembly density 

  • Smaller size (considerable savings on space)

  • Increased flexibility

  • Easier incorporation controlled impedance features.

Impedance Controlled PCBs:-

Impedance controlled multilayer boards for high frequency and high speed applications.

Backplane & Oversized PCBs :-

This type of special purpose board requires very dense package of plated through holes which are structurally strong and ductile to guarantee high speed and stable electronic signal flow.

Why Fine-Line?

Via Integrity:  Plasma and Sodium Treatment

  • Further processing 5880 material with PTH not only requires Plasma activation but also Sodium treatment (this is strongly recommended by Rogers Corp.), as If sodium treatment is not done then the hole / via reliability is suspect and can fail in the field.

  • We are the only company in India that does Sodium treatment for ensuring perfect hole quality resulting in perfect via integrity.

Superior Electrical Performance exact to the design & dimensional compliance:

  • In RF microwave boards or boards using low loss substrates, the dimensional compliance to the requirements is AN ABSOLULTE MUST to achieve the best performance of your end application.

  • Our quote includes routing the pcbs and retaining them with a small slug and supplying you in panels which saves effort, time and costs.

RF Path Integrity:

  • We take extreme care in building the boards and all our equipments and processes are geared up to build this without dents, scratches and voids.

  • Due to our very trained and tight Quality Control ensure you get the pcbs with a fully compliant RF path and we will ensure full integrity of the RF path.


We monitor processes using SPC methods to bring you consistent world-class quality. Our equipment is at par with the prominent world-class PCB manufacturer's equipment. We use the finest raw materials: Chemistry by Atotech and Laminates by Rogers, Nelco, Taconic, Nanya and Panasonic.

As a publicly traded company in the growing Indian economy, we have access to a vibrant capital market helping us expand our capabilities with your growing needs.

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