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Sirius Microwave(formerly MITEQ Estonia) has been founded on 1993. For over 23years it has been delivering custom-engineered microwave components to the industry. Our customer list includes companies like Rohde & Schwarz, Fraunhofer Institute, Thales, European Space Agency, EADS, Huber&Suhner, Krauss-Maffei, DLR, META Sensing, MITEQ Inc, Siemens, Conti-Temic, Max-Planck-Institutes, Universities.




Our engineers have years of experience in the communications field, including duties with the Estonian and Finnish Communications Agencies. They are familiar with the latest in manufacturing technologies including the latest in computer aided design and manufacturing techniques. Our engineers are in constant search for new components and technologies to keep our products at the top level. Our facility in Estonia is equipped with the latest in manufacturing and test equipment, including: Agilent network analyzers, sweepers, noise and power meters; Anritsu network analyzers and sweep generators; Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers and MEI gold wire bonders. We also have computer aided design programs for both electrical and mechanical layouts. We are capable of building components and subsystems from 1 KHz to 20 GHz. For quality, engineering intensive products, Sirius Microwave is where you should direct you attention.


Bipolar and GaAs FET Amplifiers: 10 MHz to 18 GHz. (optimized for gain, noise figure, or power) Wideband 90 degree Hybrids. Image Reject Mixers to 4 GHz (wideband IF, RF or fixed LO models). Filters, lumped element and cavity, 10KHz to 20GHz, Group Delay Equalized IF Filters. Couplers, splitters, combiners 10KHz to 20GHz. Switches, limiters, attenuators, Subsystem production to your design,cryogenic products, high volume production.


Our growing selection of products support a broad range of applications. Our technological innovations help maintain the competitive specifications and functionality of our products. Click on the product type to learn more about that product family

Product categories:

  1. Mixers and Modulators

  2. 90° and 180° Hybrids

  3. Power Dividers / Combiners

  4. Directional couplers

  5. Filters

  6. Switches

For more information about specified category click on it!

Image Reject Mixers                                                                                                                                                                              


• Ultra-wide bandwidth

• High image rejection

• Custom frequency ranges

• Convenient connectorized package

Image Reject Mixer is a integrated network consisting of a two double balanced mixers, two 90° quadrature hybrids and a in-phase power divider. The primary function of the circuit is to separate a desired signal from its image signal. Image Reject Mixers are most widely used in receiving applications, when the real and image frequencies are very close (intermediate frequency is low) so that a filtering is impractical. Sirius Microwave offers a line of a multioctave bandwidth Image Reject Mixers. Various types of narrowband, octaveband and custom design units available. For Image Reject Mixers having ultra-wide IF performance look at Fixed LO Image Reject Mixers. Contact factory for details here.

* Custom selectable from 10KHz to 1GHz up to octave wide BW. Contact factory for details.
** LO frequency range 440...500MHz
*** LO frequency range 70...670MHz

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