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Renovagen is a UK technology business specialising in innovative clean-tech solutions for the rapidly changing global energy marketplace. Our mission is to address some of the greatest challenges of global energy consumption by inventing, developing and deploying revolutionary new concepts in renewable energy systems.


By leveraging the major disruptive scientific and economic trends in clean technology in new ways, we can make energy more available, more affordable, more secure and more sustainable for millions of people around the world, and even save lives in the process.


We’ve recently introduced the FAST FOLD solar power system – the most power you’ve ever seen before in a package that can fit in the back of a car! The system consists of FAST FOLD Solar Mats which operate in conjunction with the FAST FOLD Energy Hub.

The folding mats can be deployed in seconds – either directly on the ground, or lifted onto shipping containers, roofs or other structures. They are moved in a transport bag, which can contain up to 2 x 1.5kWp mats. Just like the RAPID ROLL, the key advantages are:

  • A large surface area of solar PV can be deployed from a small, lightweight package = more power for less weight, hassle and transport cost

  • CIGS flexible thin-film technology operates well in a wide range of irradiance conditions – so the angle of deployment or level of sunlight is less important than with glass panels

  • A solar mat is deployable by 2 people in less than a minute!

This is the best way to get self-sustaining power to the most remote and difficult-to-access places, where continuous delivery of fuel for generators would be impossible or extremely expensive.


FAST FOLD Energy Hub


The FAST FOLD Energy Hub is an entire off-grid hybrid power system packed into a robust Peli case, including up to 10kWh of energy storage (lithium-ion batteries) and up to 3kVA AC output. The system can be run standalone with up to two 1.5kWp FAST FOLD solar mats (3kWp max), or it can be run in hybrid with a small diesel generator (2kVA to 5kVA), which automatic start-stop based on battery charge state (genset dependent). With this setup, you can guarantee power availability on a 24/7/365 basis. The Energy Hub is waterproof for outdoor operation and has been ruggedised for transport by road, sea, air and extensive manual handling to go even where vehicles can’t!

Just one of these systems could provide power for:

  • A deployable camp HQ – comms, lighting, computers, or;

  • 3,000 litres of seawater purified for drinking, or;

  • 800+ smartphone charges, or;

  • 200+ cups of tea!

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