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Active in the telecommunications sector since 1970.

IRTE  has been active in the telecommunications sector since 1970. Thanks to the quality of its production and the equipment design, IRTE  has earned itself a growing reputation.
Initially IRTE  used to operate only in the Italian market. Its products have now been exported to many European and overseas countries for more than ten years. The Company’s head office and factory is in Gallarate.
The development of new products, linked to greater commercial penetration, has led to the winning of larger shares of the market. The main product sectors are:

  • Yagi VHF and UHF antennas

  • TV Broadcasting antennas, I – III – IV and V Band

  • Diplexer

  • Triplexer

  • Quadriplexer

  • Antenna accessories I – III – IV and V Band

  • Parabolic antennas for radio relay from 400 MHz to 21 GHz

  • Parabolic antennas for home satellite reception

  • Parabolic antennas for transmission-reception by satellite

  • UHF, VHF-TV transmitters and repeaters from 2 W to 10 KW

  • Analogue and digital microwave radio relay from 6 GHz to 23 GHz.


Broadcasting Antennas & Components

IRTE design department is available for all our customers especially for TV and Radio Broadcaster to customize and optimize the antenna systems for the single necessities. WINANT and COVERPATH are the


Microwave Parabolic Antennas

IRTE designs and manufactures parabolic antennas for microwave radio links since more than 30 years. Our team constantly works to improve and test all our dishes with our test field consisting of a 53 ...


Microwave Radio Links

Microwave Links – Designed for Digital Video backbone Thanks to a state of the Art QAM Modem fully developed in Italy our microwave links have modulation schemes from 4 up to 1024 QAM. One of the more ...



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

SOA (Italy)

Certificate of certification for the execution of public works

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