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All our solutions have been developed working closely with leading companies in their market sectors.

The main drivers behind ReQuTech’s ethos are:
Smaller, Lighter, Modular and User friendly.

Research + Quality + Technology

When we started our journey back in 2009, we had 3 words in our mind that would not only shape the name of the company, but much more lead us in our progress towards becoming a major global player within the LEO, MEO and GEO connectivity. 

These 3 words are REsearch, QUality and TECHnology, meaning REQUTECH.

They also have a genuine meaning for our whole operation. Hence, we are conducting high-end research with a top-notch quality production, resulting in cutting edge technology that puts ReQuTech at the forefront.

We are continiously evolving in the technology of Phased arraysTroposcatter and Parabolic antennas.

Flexible and bespoke product development
All our production is in ISO certified factories in Europe. And with prosperous relationships with leading material suppliers, we have the capacity to quickly ramp up production and also produce according to bespoke specifications. 
Enabling the success of LEO and MEO satellite constellations
We have a clear vision to be the ‘Go – To’ Antenna Terminal designer and manufacturer for the high end Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) Communications market. Our founder, Omid Sotoudeh, started the journey in 2009 in Sweden with an experienced multi-discipline core team from Ericsson and Saab Defense. 


Requtech Manpack.png
Manpack satcom terminals are portable communication devices designed to provide communication capabilities in remote locations.
Requtech flyaway.png
ReQuTech has production of flyaway, ultra portable and fixed reflector satcom terminals for C, X, Ku, and Ka band operations.
Requtech SOTM.png
Satcom on the Move terminals combine mobility and reach-back communications  for accessing and
sharing data while being on the move.
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