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About us

Quasar Microwave Technology is a long established business with a culture and focus on quality. We have an established reputation as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of passive waveguides systems and components. This is complimented by our specialist Precision Engineering capabilities.

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Quasar Microwave Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of passive waveguide components and systems. We offer a comprehensive range of waveguide components from our library of standard products and are also able to offer a fully supported design to specification or build to print service.


Quasar Microwave Technology is a market leading precision engineering company that produces high quality parts & sub-assemblies to customer specifications.

Quasar Microwave Technology has an industry-leading reputation for quality and on-time delivery. We pride ourselves on producing components that are at the heart of cutting-edge technology systems where reliability is imperative.
Our quality & inspection department utilizes the latest technology available to ensure that every component is manufactured to the required specification.
As part of achieving our goals, we are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and run an internal audit for all our procedures.

All Quasar rigid parts are available in a variety of Paint or Plating finishes, our standard finishes are Black Paint and Irridite Passivated for aluminum, for brass/ copper items the standard is painted black and no surface finish.
However, we can supply a wide range of alternatives, any color and finish (matt / textured etc) that our paint suppliers can supply. We also offer a comprehensive range of plated finishes including Silver, Tin, Nickel, and Gold. Black hole passivation is also available any finish other than Aluminium. Please contact the factory for further details.
Please use our Product Selection Tool to send us an inquiry & one of our team will come back to you with price & lead time. In order to avoid entering your details each time you generate an inquiry please register and this information will be automatically passed on with your inquiry.

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